Teaco Associates was established in 1987 and with over 30 years experience, we continue to keep abreast of all updates and changes in the complex legislation around estate and tax planning and therefore we are in a fantastic position to advise you impartially.

Our services include:-
solicitor Michael Fox qualified and was admitted to The Roll of Solicitors in June 1972.

Michael holds a current Practising Certificate and is fully experienced to deal with any Property transactions or problems whether involving Commerical or Residential Properties.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is planning to preserve, protect and desolve family wealth which takes account of the client’s wishes, expectations, opinions and prejudices and the nature of their relationships with their spouse, children, grandchildren and wider family. It is a bespoke service and not a retail product.
In essence, estate planning is about asset and wealth protection through the use of legal structures to mitigate of inheritance tax, take advantage of other capital tax reliefs and more importantly to ensure that family wealth remains with the family and future generations.


There are two different types of Lasting Powers of Attorney as follows:
A Property Affairs LPA which deals with an individual’s financial affairs such as selling the donor’s assets and managing their bank accounts
A Personal Welfare LPA which deals with an individual’s health and personal welfare such as where to live, day to day care or having medical treatment. This can only be used once an individual has lost capacity to make the decision themselves.
An Attorney is appointed to make decisions as if they were the Donor themselves. An attorney must act in the Donor’s best interest and adhere to the Code of Practice stipulated by the Office of the Public Guardian.


  • Inheritance Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax


Trusts are used when an individual or two or more individuals arrange for specific assets to be legally owned by appointed individuals to hold those assets on behalf of other individuals.


Will Writing

It is essential for every adult to make a valid Will to ensure that their assets are distributed to the persons whom they wish to benefit rather than the order of entitlement that the law dictates in the absence of a valid will.

Probate Services

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